How to fix after successful CPanel restore and you get error 500

So today, I had to do a complete reset of my server and then restore all the website. One of the website that I had a problem with was my client. All the other ones was working just fine. I got an error after I’ve successfully restored the archive packaged using legacy file restore in […]

How to solve magento search not working

One of the biggest issue I had after taking a supplement site live on google shopping was that magento search not working. After spending about $9.82 cent on advertisement and getting about 10 clicks to the website, I asked myself why was there no conversion. So I took at peek inside my magento dashboard and saw […]

How to reset dashboard data in magento

When I first started in magento after logging into the dashboard, I saw a bunch of data that didn’t correspond to the real statistics and I wanted to deleted those data, but it was hard and I didn’t know how to do it via the admin area. This is what I had to do via […]

Deleting orders, sales & customers in magento

I had a website that had alot of old orders, customers & sales that I wanted to deleted and start over. I was having problem doing it via the admin area. This is when I took the database management approach and went in to delete the entire thing using a SQL query.  The following sql […]

Ecko Records Memphis TN

In 2011, for one of my website development gig. I worked on a famous recording studio website. The recording studio recorded a lot of music for famous musicians such as Elvis Presley, Rufus Thomas, etc… from Memphis TN. Website: Web Development: HTML / Iframe / CSS / Tables / FTP / CGI / Formmail […]