Turning low value content into SEO powerhouse

I started internet marketing back when I was starting high school. I had a love for computers and knick for knacks when it comes to programming and playing around with codes. Back then, I was just creating everything from scratch and doing blogs via ftp and updating dates manually. It wasn’t fun back in the […]

Apple Macbook or Macbook Pro Repair

Did your Apple Macbook or Macbook Pro suffer from damage? Whether it is software or hardware related. I can help you repair it to where it seems like it never happened. Beach Life Marketing Inc is one of the only company in Daytona Beach that offers repair services for Apple products aside from the Geeksquad […]

Daytona Beach Web Design & SEO

Beach Life Marketing Inc was established in 1998 under a different name; after over a decade of marketing experience, Justin hope to help clients utilize the latest techniques and strategies to exponentially grow their business. His experience in programing, digital marketing, and content writing enable him to be recognized as a leader in the marketing […]

Creating User Dot ini file to increase max values php

If you are ever in a rut as I was and need to make sure that your server fits the standard of certain script in php such as increasing the following values on your server: Memory_limit max_execution_time max_input_time post_max_size max_input_vars file_uploads max_file_uploads upload_max_filesize Then here is the perfect fix for you. This fix is perfect […]

VHS to Digital Video Conversion Services

Do you have an old VHS tape that you want to convert to digital format so that you can keep it safe and share it with friends and family over the internet? Welcome to Beach Life Marketing VHS to digital video conversion services. Here is what we can offer you: We will take your VHS […]

Real estate drone photography daytona beach

Did you know that real estate agents who use aerial photograph in their listing sales the property 10x faster than those who don’t? Hello, and welcome. Allow us to introduce you to the world of real estate drone photography Daytona Beach. We provide high quality aerial photograph from our drone. The images are high resolution […]

Daytona Beach Web Design – Orlando Web Design

Beach Life Marketing Inc is a long established web design company offering top of the line web design, web programming, and e-commerce solutions for clients in Daytona Beach & Orlando Florida. Company large and small from Daytona Beach and Orlando trust our expertise in marketing to help create the best website that enable them to […]

How to remove “Help Us to Keep Magento Healthy – Report All Bugs”

I am a big magento fan, and love playing with magento backend (not really). But the system is really strong and I support the platform.  So today, I installed an older version of magento because I wanted to create a website from some old extension that I had. The platform served its purpose for what […]