Is your website contact form getting spam?

Typically, most website contact form on the internet doesn’t have a spam filter installed. So typically, what typical marketer do is use a robot programmed to scan for these contact form and submit a pre-formatted script to the end users to solicit something. Fortunately, for those who are using the contact 7 wordpress plugin; they […]

Creating User Dot ini file to increase max values php

If you are ever in a rut as I was and need to make sure that your server fits the standard of certain script in php such as increasing the following values on your server: Memory_limit max_execution_time max_input_time post_max_size max_input_vars file_uploads max_file_uploads upload_max_filesize Then here is the perfect fix for you. This fix is perfect […]

How to remove “Help Us to Keep Magento Healthy – Report All Bugs”

I am a big magento fan, and love playing with magento backend (not really). But the system is really strong and I support the platform.  So today, I installed an older version of magento because I wanted to create a website from some old extension that I had. The platform served its purpose for what […]

Optimizepress Live Editor Not Responding (Fixed)

If you have optimizepress and you are trying to save the work in live editor, however when you click save and close. The spinning wheel just keep spinning and doesn’t do anything, it means that your server is having problem processing the data. What you need to go is increase the max_input_vars. Please contact your […]

Centering Menu In Optimizepress Page

Thanks to the support knowledge based at I was able to center the navigation menu for each of the pages that I was working on by adding the following line of code into the other scripts section of the page:

  You will have to go to the page and then here: Use […]

Access is locked. Please try again in a few minutes.

If you run a Magento backend website and you get an error such as this: “Access is locked. Please try again in a few minutes.” Here is the solution to your problem. FTP into your /public_html/var folder and then edit this file brute-force.ini One you open the file you should edit this line: Brute-force-bad-attempts-count = […]

Adding background image to a single table cell

Here is a great html tutorial for adding background image to a single cell. Using style inside the the td tag itself is a great way:  

  That is if you want to use inline coding. But if you want to use CSS to keep it clean. Then I would suggest using this: […]

What is HTML5

HTML5 is a markup language. It was created to help structure content and present it on the internet.  Over the years, HTML has change progressively, and HTML5 is the current version and makes up the standard structure for presenting content the world wide web.