Email Marketing Services

An essential part of keeping any business alive is customer satisfaction and retention. One of the best way to get an increase on ┬ácustomer satisfaction and retention rates is through communication. One of the oldest method of communication and still the most effective way is through email. Our team at Beach Life Marketing can help […]

Turning low value content into SEO powerhouse

I started internet marketing back when I was starting high school. I had a love for computers and knick for knacks when it comes to programming and playing around with codes. Back then, I was just creating everything from scratch and doing blogs via ftp and updating dates manually. It wasn’t fun back in the […]

Daytona Beach Web Design & SEO

Beach Life Marketing Inc was established in 1998 under a different name; after over a decade of marketing experience, Justin hope to help clients utilize the latest techniques and strategies to exponentially grow their business. His experience in programing, digital marketing, and content writing enable him to be recognized as a leader in the marketing […]

Web Design Agency in Daytona Beach

Beach Life Marketing Inc is a web design agency in Daytona Beach. Our company has been around for over 15 years, so our experience stand the test of time. Meaning that our knowledge continued to be developed and expand as time progress and new technology continues to come into play. As a professional web design […]

Daytona Beach Webdesign Professional

Looking for a webdesigner in the Daytona Beach area? I have the answer for your search.. call Beach Life Marketing Inc today and Justin Nguyen will help you design the best looking website with high conversion rate. For the best Daytona Beach Webdesign professional, call Beach Life Marketing today at (386) 984-1151.

Midwest Immediate Care Schaumburg

Midwest Immediate Care Schaumburg is a website that I’ve recently taken over to help manage the marketing for the business. The website was outdated and I’ve made some upgrades and currently working on the social media as well as SEO for the website. Website: Development: Completely upgraded all internal plugin and theme for wordpress, […]

Daytona Beach Webdesign Services

The internet is an evolving beast, and if your business is located in Daytona Beach and the surrounding area you are most likely not adapting very well to constant changes that is occurring on the web. The reason why I say that is because after living here for two years, the internet marketing industry isn’t […]

WordPress 4.8.1 maintenance release

Are you upto date on your wordpress install? If not, the security team here at Beach Life Marketing Inc suggests you take some time and update it today. There has been massive attacks on website that aren’t up to date in the the past couple of weeks. Along with the new security updates there are […]