The item “Dropbox” can’t be moved to the Trash because some of its plugins are in use

So today, I am trying to clean up my macbook pro and delete some stuff to free up space and memories. I’ve been using this laptop for year and haven’t really kept it clean, now it is running out of space and actually slowing down my computer. One of the program that I am trying […]

Powerpoint Presentation – Stop during slideshow on secondary screen

Did you get stuck while doing a presentation to a large group of people and all of a sudden your powerpoint stops and your audience can’t see the slide anymore? Well that has been happening to my professor and I had to find a way to resolve it. This occurs because the screen resolution while […]

WordPress website hacked?

Did you get your wordpress website hacked? Don’t worry, whether it is by accident, or someone did something malicious to your website. I can help you recover it back to the good old days before the incident occurred. All you have to do is tell me your problem, the day it happened. And I need […]

Apple Macbook or Macbook Pro Repair

Did your Apple Macbook or Macbook Pro suffer from damage? Whether it is software or hardware related. I can help you repair it to where it seems like it never happened. Beach Life Marketing Inc is one of the only company in Daytona Beach that offers repair services for Apple products aside from the Geeksquad […]