Who is your target audience?

Can you please describe your target audience? It is essential for me to help you grow, as that it who I can focus on when creating your website, your ad campaign, and your social media profile and posts. When speaking to clients I place an emphasis on setting goals and having direction so that we […]

Digital Marketing In Daytona Beach

Ever thought about digital marketing as mean to acquire new customers? Here at Beach Life Marketing, our expertise is digital marketing. But most importantly, we service primarily the Daytona Beach community. Our biggest asset is the people we serve; as they in turn help support and nurture our growth in the community. It also means […]

How to remove “Help Us to Keep Magento Healthy – Report All Bugs”

I am a big magento fan, and love playing with magento backend (not really). But the system is really strong and I support the platform.  So today, I installed an older version of magento because I wanted to create a website from some old extension that I had. The platform served its purpose for what […]

Coding Services

Coding is what we love to do here at Beach Life Marketing Inc. Some of us sleep, eat, and breathe code on a day to day basis. Our love for coding goes beyond the computers. We use our code to helped a lot of people around the world through volunteer work. Now we want to bring […]

Mr Pressure Washer

Pressure washing is a big business in Florida. I’ve taken on the role of helping a company with SEO and possibly marketing via facebook in the near future. Here is a look at the website that I’ve created for the client: Website: mrpressurewasher.com Development: php / wordpress / css / marketing integration / strategy / SEO […]

Daytona Beach Wellness Center

As an operating owner of a wellness center in Daytona Beach florida, I’ve learned the ins and outs of the business. Although, I left the business for personal reasons, my knowledge in the industry has helped me to insure that my prospective clients will capitalize from that knowledge. Here is an example of the website […]

Beach Life Automotive

Owning a car dealership nowadays require internet presence to sell the car/truck/van that you have in inventory. Beach Life Marketing Inc can help you get the online presence you need. Here is an example of a car dealership website that we can build for you. Beach Life Automotive is a website that we created to […]

Oceans Luxury Rentals

Oceans Luxury Rentals is a project that I had the privileged to work on from scratch. My client sat me down one day and pointed out a several specific example that she wanted to build and replicate from her competitors. What I did was took those ideas and combined it into one and produced her […]