Who is your target audience?

Can you please describe your target audience? It is essential for me to help you grow, as that it who I can focus on when creating your website, your ad campaign, and your social media profile and posts. When speaking to clients I place an emphasis on setting goals and having direction so that we […]


The world wide web is changing and information in this day and age is growing rapidly becoming viable for growth in any business. One of the way that information is getting shared on the world wide web is through website. And now more than ever; people are becoming more tech savvy and adapting new technology […]

Digital Marketing In Daytona Beach

Ever thought about digital marketing as mean to acquire new customers? Here at Beach Life Marketing, our expertise is digital marketing. But most importantly, we service primarily the Daytona Beach community. Our biggest asset is the people we serve; as they in turn help support and nurture our growth in the community. It also means […]

Daytona Beach Web Design & SEO

Beach Life Marketing Inc was established in 1998 under a different name; after over a decade of marketing experience, Justin hope to help clients utilize the latest techniques and strategies to exponentially grow their business. His experience in programing, digital marketing, and content writing enable him to be recognized as a leader in the marketing […]

Daytona Beach Web Design – Orlando Web Design

Beach Life Marketing Inc is a long established web design company offering top of the line web design, web programming, and e-commerce solutions for clients in Daytona Beach & Orlando Florida. Company large and small from Daytona Beach and Orlando trust our expertise in marketing to help create the best website that enable them to […]

Web Design Agency in Daytona Beach

Beach Life Marketing Inc is a web design agency in Daytona Beach. Our company has been around for over 15 years, so our experience stand the test of time. Meaning that our knowledge continued to be developed and expand as time progress and new technology continues to come into play. As a professional web design […]

Daytona Beach Webdesign Professional

Looking for a webdesigner in the Daytona Beach area? I have the answer for your search.. call Beach Life Marketing Inc today and Justin Nguyen will help you design the best looking website with high conversion rate. For the best Daytona Beach Webdesign professional, call Beach Life Marketing today at (386) 984-1151.

One of the first clients – eckorecords.com

July, 2002 – I got my first professional client to create a website for them. At this time, I didn’t think of having a career in the business as I had a goal of becoming a doctor. I did not think of going after my passion of technology. If I stuck with it, I would […]