Over 15 years we helped companies reach their financial and branding goals. Beach Life Marketing is a values-driven and dedicated marketing agency.

  1.  Course Overview
  2. Understanding Major Social Media & Internet Marketing Channels
  3. The Business Model
  4.  Naming Your Company
  5.  Forming Your Company
  6. Picking Your Domain Name
  7.  Telling Your Story Through Social Media
  8. How To Set Up Your Pricing
  9. Finding Your Niche
  10. It’s A Numbers Game
  11. How To Motivate Yourself Past Your Fears
  12. Building Your Website with Peter Wang
  13. The Basics for Business Owners with Adam Torres
  14. How It All Comes Together Overview
  15. Getting Clients Without Experience
  16.  How To Create A Facebook Offer For Your Clients with Joe Soto
  17. How To Get 1000 Email Leads For $100 With Facebook Ads
  18.  How To Use Facebook Advertising To Get Results For Clients
  19. 5 Proven Ways To Finding Local Clients