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Creating User Dot ini file to increase max values php

If you are ever in a rut as I was and need to make sure that your server fits the standard of certain script in php such as increasing the following values on your server:

  • Memory_limit
  • max_execution_time
  • max_input_time
  • post_max_size
  • max_input_vars
  • file_uploads
  • max_file_uploads
  • upload_max_filesize

Then here is the perfect fix for you. This fix is perfect for those on share hosting account with company such as godaddy and others who gives you limited access to the actual server backend to install and edit any core php stuff.

Just go to the public_html folder and create a file call “.user.ini” ┬áThen open that file in a text editor and add the following:

memory_limit = 1G
max_execution_time = 300
max_input_time = 300
post_max_size = 1G
max_input_vars = 10000
file_uploads = -1
max_file_uploads = 35
upload_max_filesize = 1G

That should solve all your problems. Have a wonderful day