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One of the first clients – eckorecords.com

July, 2002 – I got my first professional client to create a website for them. At this time, I didn’t think of having a career in the business as I had a goal of becoming a doctor. I did not think of going after my passion of technology. If I stuck with it, I would have been really good at it now.

Anyhow, I got my first client in July of 2002. It took me a little time to get this client as I was learning the trick of the trade during the time. I remember getting free hosting under a subdomain from some friends on the web. This was during the early days of the web. I had a subdomain call http://neo.digitalquest.net. It was through this that I learned photoshop and to create designs to make website look pretty and professional. I had created alot of personal sites and layout for myself and started a portfolio. I wanted to make money for my work and actually contacted one of the business in Memphis TN and offered to create a new design for their website. That business was Eckorecords.com

Eckorecords.com design and layout still remain the same since the day I brought it into conception. It used basic html codes created from windows notepad. I used photoshop to create header and logo.  The owner loved the design and kept it still till this day.

The old layout that the owner had at first:

This is the new design:

Ecko Records