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One of the biggest issue I had after taking a supplement site live on google shopping was that magento search not working. After spending about $9.82 cent on advertisement and getting about 10 clicks to the website, I asked myself why was there no conversion. So I took at peek inside my magento dashboard and saw that people were doing searches for some key terms. So I took it upon myself and search for those same key terms on my website and see why people are not buying those products. Well, low and behold, search results came up “not found”. I did it again for other keywords and same thing. By this time I was going frantic. But after a couple hours of research here are some solutions that I’ve found that solved my problem. I will start with the solution to my problem and then list the other possible solutions so that you may use as well.

Check product attributes: 

The problem that I had with my site was that the name attributes was not configured properly. So I had to go into: Catalog > Attributes > Manage attributes . And then search for the attribute call “Name”. In the name attribute section I had my “scope” set to “store view”. And then I cleared my cache and re-indexed the entire site. And voila it worked. So now I am up at 2:14AM waiting for my first conversion on the second day of running Adwords again.




Here are some other solutions that I found on the web that could solve your problems if the above didn’t solve it.

Clear Magento Cache:

Sometime the most simple answer is to first clear your magento cache. All you have to do is go into System > Cache management and then flush your magento cache

Reindex Data:

Next thing you can do is reindex your data. Sometime when you add new product, those product aren’t indexed and so search on your site can’t find the new product. This can happen alot when the number of product on your website is over 5000.

You can reindex data by going into System > index management and then selecting all your indexes, and then select the action that says reindex data  from the drop down menu on the right and then hit submit.