Over 15 years we helped companies reach their financial and branding goals. Beach Life Marketing is a values-driven and dedicated marketing agency.


Internet marketing can be split into 2 categories, paid marketing and non-paid marketing; One method of paid marketing is PPC or Pay Per Click. Search engine such as Google is known for their google adwords advertising services which utilize the PPC model. Beach Life Marketing Inc helps client manage different accounts across the web that uses such a model to get better ROI or Return On Spending (ROS).

Pay per click (PPC), also known as cost per click (CPC), is an internet marketing model that is widely used on the internet today. It helps expedite research and see whether a new brand is going to make it on the market or not. This is done by advertising on the direct channel that potential prospect is viewing and then redirecting it to the product. Usually, these direct traffic are niche traffic related to the product that is being sold, therefore increasing the likelihood of conversion. And if after driven a certain amount of traffic to a site with thorough split testing, but your product don’t convert, then it is time to rethink the strategic and possibly give up. Our goal is to help company create strategies to drive direct traffic to landing pages that actually converts and sale each individual product. The reason why we know we can this is because we’ve tested this theory many times and done many tests in various industry.

When you need someone professional to manage your PPC campaign, there is no one else as trustworthy as us to help you reach that goal. We help clients manage adwords, affiliate accounts, bing ads, and yahoo ads.

Are you ready to make sure your ads converts into clicks that converts into capturing of leads and eventually convert into being a customer? Then we are ready to help you get to that point. Contact us today.