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Coding Tips

Removing footer links in Magento 1.9 version

This morning when I came in to work, I wanted to be productive and actually fix some things that I notice was wrong on my client website for awhile now. I wanted to remove some footer links that was defaulted on all the pages by Magento. I tried to edit it by using the blocks in the admin backend of Magento, but wasn’t very successful. This is what I did instead:

I login via ftp to the server where I installed Magento. Then I navigated to this folder:


In that folder, I found a file call page.xml and edited that file.

Basically I went down to line 106 and erased that entire line out and that took care of resolving all my problem. Here is the line of code on that line.

<block type=”page/template_links” name=”footer_links” as=”footer_links” template=”page/template/links.phtml”/>


Just a little edit and hack for all the Magento developer out there. Hope it helps one of you guys struggling to find the solution on how to enable the “removing footer links in Magento 1.9 version”.