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Internet Marketing

Turning low value content into SEO powerhouse

I started internet marketing back when I was starting high school. I had a love for computers and knick for knacks when it comes to programming and playing around with codes. Back then, I was just creating everything from scratch and doing blogs via ftp and updating dates manually. It wasn’t fun back in the days. From the coding to the content, we barely had time to write a long piece of work. But now that Google made it mandatory to have content that is long and useful for the reader.

Today, I want to tell you that you don’t have to delete those old content. But what you can do is pull it all together like a scrapbook, and link it in a table of content and make that small piece of work really useful for the reader. You see, what people like to see on a website is a organizations. They want to come on there and find what they need. By piecing things together in a well organized way, there is a higher chance that the reader will read every piece of work to learn more about the related topics.  This would in turn create a lower bounce rate and higher SEO ranking.