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Do you like wine and enjoy the taste of it? I am what you would call a wine enthusiast. I love the taste of it and I love how it makes me feel. I often seek out the more acidity / stronger type of wine such as cabernet sauvignon or a merlot. These tend to leave an acidity taste in your tongue and truly make you feel like you are drinking a man drink¬†instead of drinking a girly sweet drink (don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a sweet drink here and there).

My love for wine has helped me to developed a highly rank website call “my choice of wine“. Go ahead and do a search for it. You’ll find it on the first page of google. If you want to know more about wine, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me. I am ready to help you get started in the world of wine and how you can enjoy it more each day and where to start with your first bottle of wine.

Do you own a winery and want to promote your wine? Visit my winery page and learn about what I can do for your wine brand.